Great design incorporates strategic thinking to add clarity and impact.



I create brands for the evolving world. With experience across visual identities, print and digital design I have the ablity to work across multiple sectors for my clients.

I have a minimalist style that is derived from my vision to create the most efficient form of communication. This gives brands clarity and enables global application.

I’ve worked with premium brands and start-ups from all over the world.


I tailor my approach based on my clients’ vision and business objectives. This allows me to not only avoid the redundant, but deliver functional, effective and lasting design solutions.

Applying meticulous craftsmanship to every detail throughout all stages of the design and strategic process enables me to create consistent and measurable results.

I’m collaborative, open and honest to work with. Transforming brands and businesses is my passion.



My name is Ken Meyer and I’m your Brand Consultant. Ever since the beginning of my creative career, nothing has captivated me more than telling a visual story. Helping brands express their unique story brings new challenges everyday.


No such thing as perfection.


まだまだ (mada mada)
- Not yet, still is

Mada mada is the basis of a humble Japanese principle about always improving and the willingness to learn.

In Japanese culture there is no such thing as perfection, but there is a constant striving for it.

This is the principle of how I approach my work, seeking that perfection. In today’s world, everything is constantly evolving and we must do the same.